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I make films for artists.  Each film showcases one piece of art  form from concept to completion. During the process of seeing the art materialise we learn  about the artist.  What inspires them, who they are, their thoughts and a great deal more.  

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James Mortimer paints Renaissance worlds in a surreal landscape focusing on the theme of myth and humanity. Mortimer's take on the Renaissance is modern in the way his work interacts with the viewer. His pieces can be seen through a comedic sense as humorous undertones are revealed in the depiction of the human condition. 

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Richard Twose is a master of the 'non finito', where paintings are carried only to a point, leaving the spectator to fill in for themself. As well as portraits, his beautifully crafted paintings reference, amongst other things, Greek myths, British folklore and quantum physics.

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Artist and musician Andrew Kinsman sold his first piece of artwork at the age of 12 and in the intervening years has not only painted commissions for celebrities and royalty but has also performed with English Rock Band Kasabian and recorded soundtracks and albums with Noel Gallagher. 

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Tobias Newbigin studied at Camberwell College of Arts BA Fine Art Painting.  He was apprentice under Nick Garrett of NGS London.  During his apprenticeship he was trained not only in sign writing, but to become logistically & professionally minded part of the NGS team.

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