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Fidels Fight
Feature Film 83 min
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An enthralling meditation on the ruling passion of four Cuban men who train and fight cocks. Part ethnography, part character study, Fidel’s Fight builds to a climactic battle in gorgeously filmed verité scenes, languorously edited. The innovative alternation of sync sound and the sparest of piano scores evoke the tension of the spectators, for whom the sport feels as life-and-death as it literally is for their cocks. A lyrical, elliptical glimpse at an unknown world and obscure obsession.



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Short Form   30 min
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The film follows Imogen’s mother DIANE and sister ALLEGRA as they discover Imogen’s innermost thoughts through reading her notebooks, examining her illustrations and listening to the music she left behind.  As they go through these artefacts, IMOGEN’s mind comes to life: she becomes a third character with whom her family re-imagine crucial life moments in order to understand her better.

These recreated memories, in which real-life mother and real-life sister appear alongside the actress (a brave performance by upcoming talent Jessamine-Bliss Bell) blend performance, documentary, and the real-time processing of grief. When fusing reality and fiction in this way, first takes are used, creating raw and authentic spontaneous moments.

© gary young​​  MMXX

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